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name here @twitterhandle ∙ 1h a big tweet will look like this! #thisisahashtag         XXX         XXX        
name here @twitterhandle ∙ Jun 16 a normal or little tweet will look like this! also, if you have a one liner tweet, be sure to add to the span below (class="retweets") to add style="left:0" to that span. also, keep in mind that tweets are a max of 140 characters! this is clearly way over...         XXX         XXX        
name here @twitterhandle ∙ Jun 16 a picture tweet will look like this and unfortunately the image has to be in the background for it to work and look proper, sorry!

        XXX         XXX         View photo
name here @twitterhandle ∙ Jun 16 for a youtube post, just replace the src to the link for the youtube you wanna use.

        XXX         XXX        
name here retweeted
their name here @theirtwitterhandle ∙ Jun 16 and lastly, this is a retweet. be sure to change your avatar to theirs instead         XXX         XXX        
name here @twitterhandle ∙ Jun 16 be sure to keep this as the final tweet just purely for aesthetic reasons, thank you.         XXX         XXX