Title goes here

this is where your post is going to go. to get the paragraphs separate, you can either do two break tags (<br>) or i believe using the <p> should do it as well (but beware that it won't be as spaced as it would with two break tags since that'll put an actual break between the paragraphs and make it look more spaced out)! i don't think there's a limit to how much you can put here, so you can probably just go wild with it. if you reference someone on twitter just put @theirhandle in the coding and it'll look like that, since that's how i've seen it done. anyway, there you go!

to make things easiest, i've put all the coding in the below box so you can just select all then copy/paste it to wherever you want to host your twitlonger at! also, the title of the main site (twitlonger - where somethingsomething) should be at the top, should remain just like that since that's how all the pages (that i've seen) have looked like.

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